Laura Carmichael does the Ice Bucket Challenge, and nominates Elizabeth McGovern.

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The three amigos 💋💘 #downtonwrap @theladydockers #lauracarmichael (x)

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Laura Carmichael in Uncle Vanya (Vaudeville Theatre, 2012)

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This is actually stunning. I need a moment. 

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A note from the mod-

As season 5 of Downton Abbey starts soon I will be posting pictures of the current episodes. I will be tagging these as- s5 spoilers, downton spoilers, and lady edith spoilers, for those who want to blacklist those tags.
I also will start using a watermark if I create a college.
I DO LOOK AT LAURA CARMICHAEL FACEBOOK PAGE EVERYDAY!!!! Just putting that out there to whoever runs that page I would appreciate it if you would credit me. (I hate to be a “B”.)

Other than that I hope that everyone is enjoying this blog and if you have any questions the inbox is always open!


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Sleeping beauties the @downtonabbey_official @theladydockers @lilyjamesofficial #lauracarmichael was a pleasure working with you again xxx (via a photo via instagram user @jcmua)

…there were three in the bed…

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What’s wrong with this picture?

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From @theladydockers insta

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